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How To: Log On and Transfer Files

Login Nodes

ACISS has multiple login nodes (ln1, ln2 and ln3).  Logging on to ACISS is easy through secure shell (SSH) clients available natively on mac or linux, or as a free downloadable on windows:

Mac or Linux:   Launch a terminal or shell, then run:


   or, to log into a specific node:


Windows:  Download PuTTy or MobaTerm other SSH client software.

Most users will have the bash login shell by default.

Do not run jobs on the login nodes! Use the queuing system instead. Jobs found running on the login nodes will be terminated.

Data/File Transfers

The file transfer nodes can be used for file transfers, as follows:

   To transfer files to or from ACISS using secure file transfer protocol (sftp):


   To copy a file over to your home directory on ACISS using secure copy (scp):

      scp myFile               (don’t forget the colon!)

   To copy new data from your data directory on ACISS to your computer using rsync:

      rsync -au  myDataDir

Note that the original (not encrypted) ftp protocol is not supported on ACISS.