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How Tos

We are always working on new How Tos to help users quickly get running on ACISS as well as software, submission queues, etc.  If you do not see a How To for your particular interest, please email us and we’ll work to answer you question or create a new How To!
  • Getting Started : First time account setup, ACISS logon, and software access.
  • Connect to ACISS : How to log onto ACISS and transfer files.
  • Access Software : How to access software installed on ACISS.
  • Setup SSH Keys : How to set up your ssh keys, if needed.
  • Submission Queues : How to get jobs running via the queuing system.
  • GAMESS : How to run calculations with GAMESS.
  • Gaussian09 : How to run calculations with Gaussian09.
  • GPU Programming : How to get started with GPU programming and CUDA.
  • Mathematica : How to run an interactive session of Mathematica on ACISS.
  • Matlab : How to run and interactive session of Matlab on ACISS.
  • Modules : How to access and install software on ACISS via Modules.
  • MPI :  How to use MPI for parallel programming on ACISS.
  • Parallel Programming : How to get started with parallel programming on ACISS.
  • Cloud Archives : Various howtos for the former ACISS Openstack Cloud.