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Cluster News

Current Status

7/20/17 – The ACISS high-speed network switch crashed twice this morning during maintenance, bringing the entire cluster down.  The switch is back up, but the storage system is still having problems and the cluster remains offline.  We are working to bring the storage system and cluster back up ASAP.

7/20/17 – ACISS is back online.

8/15/17 – All queues are stopped until the switch maintenance has completed (see announcement below).

8/15/17 – ACISS is back online.  However, the maintenance on the Voltaire was not completely successful.  There is the possibility of another full outage in the near future, so only short and standard queues are active at this time.  Long queues are stopped until further notice.

8/17/17 – Long queues have resumed on ACISS.

8/31/17 – A widespread campus network outage took place this morning, interrupting connections to and from ACISS.  Cluster operation and running jobs were not affected by this outage.

9/19/17 – Maintenance on the Voltaire switch is still going.  ACISS is running at a limited load until maintenance on the Voltaire has completed.



8/28/17 – Another round of maintenance for the Voltaire switch is tentatively scheduled for Monday, September 18, starting at 9am.  The cluster will be offline during this time.  All queues will be stopped by Sunday evening, September 17, in preparation for the maintenance.


Recent Changes

9/3/14 – Due to increased interest in having fat nodes with more memory, the fat nodes were reconfigured to 8 nodes with 256GB RAM and 8 nodes with 512GB RAM.  If you need a node with 512GB RAM, please reserve using this resource option: “-l nodes=1:ppn=32:xmem”.

1/5/15 – The “xlong” queues have been disabled since they are no longer necessary – use the “long” queues instead.  To reserve more than the default number of hours on the long queues, use the “-l walltime=N:00:00” option, where N is the number of hours that you want.

1/28/15 – Two more login nodes have been added to take the load off of the head node hn1.  To connect to them, please log in via “ssh“.

9/23/15 – The head node hn1 is being reserved for administrative use, so sessions to hn1 are limited.  Please use instead.


Software Updates

Various software and modules are often updated and tested.  Stay tuned for more!


New software installs as of 1/29/16:

GCC 5.3

Python 2.7.11

Python 3.4.4


New software installs as of 12/29/15:

Mathematica 10.3.1

R 3.2.3

Cuda 7.5


New software installs as of 9/23/15:

MATLAB 2015b:   matlab/r2015b

boost 1.59.0:         boost/1.59

Mathematica 10.2:   Mathematica/10.2

gcc 5.2:                  gcc/5.2

cmake 3.3.2:          cmake/3.3.2